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Whether you need a laugh or a groan these jokes will deliver one or the other. Pass them on to friends and family. Choose from over 400 jokes to either amuse yourself or others.

Fable about Egbert the egg

How to become a real man

Why city girl stops drinking three glasses of beer a day

Three sons give their mom gift – which was her favorite?

Fable about a man, a boy and their donkey

Felching session goes horribly wrong

Administratrium and its surprising definition

What a pilot said during an airplane emergency

Man gets a tour of Hell that shocks him

Simple trick question to know if a politician is smart

Two brothers argue who gets to eat the pancakes

Arthur Davidson debates God about motorcycles versus women

Funny answer after asking God for a parking spot

Solution to a complaining wife

Great comeback line by a man at a party

Funny story about Fred Dingaling

Husband’s revenge in the kitchen

Bad anniversary gift for an upset wife

How wife tells bad news to her husband

Badtimes computer virus from years ago

How did the barber catch his cheating wife?

Beautiful blind date goes terribly wrong

Beautiful wife visits husband in hospital

What strange thing did a man ask a beautiful woman to do?

Four men boast about best beer in the world

Dear John letter that has to be best ever written

Best excuse fishing without license

Funny way to describe three types of bras

Best traffic ticket excuses

Beware of a rottweiler named Jesus

Beware of genie from the IRS

How the name Lord & Taylor started in biblical times

Biological paradox

Blind bunny meets blind snake

Blonde alligator hunting

Blonde and magical mirror

Blonde applies job sheriff deputy

Blonde confused not disturb sign

Blonde decides to change her life

Blonde fixes old car problem with one trick

Blonde helicopter

Blonde learns state capitals

Blonde loses her mind

Blonde on an airplane

Blonde on flight with severe engine problems

Blonde paints lines on road

Blonde paints wrong porch

Blonde soccer player

Blonde throws away good nails

Blonde with broken bones

Blonde with glass eye

Blonde won prizes

Blondes answer what is Easter

Blondes new diet

Blondes year in review

Boy peeping tom

Breaking up a doctor can be expensive

Build an ark

Bull mated

Butcher asks lawyer for advice

Call jesus for help

Can a woman keep a secret

Can you name this body part

Candy kiss for new boy in class

Canine pre wash setting

Cannibals pepsi cola

Carpet layer

Case of mistaken identity by florist

Catholic dog dies

Catholic women

Cheap manhattan parking

Cheated husbands revenge

Cheating wife

Cheese liver contest

Child drawing first picture of god

Cia dog

Class reunion at dentist office

Clever woman

Clueless woman driver

Coast guard versus lighthouse keepers boat race

Coed football jersey

College grad sweeps the floor

College seniors cram exams

Computer literacy for rednecks

Computer warranty

Confession from irish girl

Congress said

Construction contractors give estimates

Construction workers jump to their death

Contractor gives an estimate for a woman

Cost of barbie dolls

Couple visit dentists office

Cowards and corrupt politicians

Cowboys three last wishes


Credit card expense

Crib from a man’s perspective

Dead cat test

Dead dog arrives alive

Dead donkey raffle

Death by gonorrhea or diarrhea

Deathbed wish

Dentist prescribes Viagra


Dissatisfied husband

Distracted minister

Do Arab women follow or lead men

Do i look fat

Doctor examines woman patient in office

Dog named sex

Dog owners seven days of creation

Double your pleasure

Drinking buddy

Drunk man

Drunk says strange thing confession box

Drunk tries to find jesus

Drunken irishman

Elderly couple at burger king

Elderly couple

Elderly driver forgets driving

Elderly driver on i 95

Elderly lady finds her hearing aid

Elderly lady testifies

Elderly man and woman

Elderly man visits the doctor

Emergency surgery

Employees prayer

Enjoy life

Evils of marijuana

Exhausting day at work

Expensive veterinarian bill

Fable three fishermen mermaid

Fancy phone

Farmer feels frisky

Female driver mercedes

Film producer loses his arm

Final answer

Finding the ideal wife

First wireless telephone

Fix the brakes

Florida lottery winner

Fly in a beer

Foggy golf course

Forgetful man visits doctor

Frivolous old gal

Funny difference between potentially and realistically

Funny marriage jokes

Fur coat

Gay cowboy undressed

Geek takes motorcycle instead of woman

Gender of a fly

Genie and three women

Giant cockroach

Gigolo inherits fortune

Give cat a pill

Give her another chance

God punishes priest picking golf instead church

God will provide

Golden frog

Golden urinal

Gone hunting

Good news and bad news

Government jobs

Government worker

Government workers at their job

Great con job

Great time at college

Green canaries

Group therapy with dr phil

Handle telemarketer fun

Hawaiian vacation

Headache relief

Heaven and hell as run by the italians germans french english swiss

Help desk

Hero goes to heaven

Hit the floor

HMO frequently asked questions

Honest lawyer

Hospital waiting room

House of ill repute

How an evil leprechaun was fooled by a golfer

How are you feeling

How going to church is like a football game

How policeman deals with speeding driver at stop sign

How the conservative and liberal movements began

How the military secures a building

How to answer a job rejection letter

How to get rich as told by old millionaire

How to recognize a congressman

How to sell anything

How to stop mirror kisses

How to think quickly on your feet

How to train dog owners

How was i born

Human resources manager

Husband and wife become prisoners of love

Husband asserts man of the house

Husband spies on wife

Husbands cannot win

Husbands last request

Hypnosis defined

Hypnotic watch trick

Ice cream cone

Id ten t computer error message

Importance of car knowledge

Insurance jokes

Intelligent sheep dog

Irishman celebrates impending doom pub

Is that you grandma

It could have been worse

It starts

Jamaican tourist

Jewish husband

Jockey rides a strange horse

Johnny outsmarts his friends

Joke of cannibals hired to work at an office

Jokes married men can understand

Juan the smuggler

Jury duty excuse

Kid answers question about dads occupation

Lab rabbit meets wild rabbits

Lake michigan revived by viagra

Lame excuse

Last cigarette

Lawyer in a marathon

Lawyer seeks help from the Bible

Lawyers billable hours

Lawyers on troubled flight

Life as a female bear

Life as an egg

Life stages of man explained

Lifes certainties

Lifes simple pleasures

Likes to screw

Little girl as fairy godmother

Little johnny church

Little johnnys homework answer

Look younger

Loss of hearing

Love american style

Love something set free

Magic frog

Magical elevator

Mailbox for blondes

Man asks for directions

Man burns his ears answering phone

Man caught riding the wrong bicycle

Man complains to doctor

Man stalks two nuns

Man survives fall from 20th floor

Man tries get rid cat fails

Man woman disagree price of affair

Mans man

Marriage after 40 years

Marriage disagreements

Married couple reading books in bed

Married man at a bar

Martyrs mercy house prostitution

Math test

May i take your order

Mcdonalds employment application

Meals on wheels

Medical professionals at gates of heaven

Meet a beautiful woman

Meet the parent

Military branch

Military motor pool

Minister talks about sex

Mistaken day in hell scares wife

Mistaken identity

Mistaken jesus sighting

Money can buy you

Mother in law at front door

Mother offers wise advice to daughter

Motorcycle disaster

Mr smith passed away

My job

Naked woman gets into taxi

Nerd hunting season

New blue suit for dearly departed

New version of the Lord’s Prayer

New York City cab driver

Newlyweds urgent plea for help

Nightly prayer

Office Christmas party

Old lady

Old man meets satan

Old witch

One last drink

One rose

Optimist versus pessimist

Origin of dogs and cats

Origin of obesity

Overheard on cell phone

Painful urine test

Painting on wall ophthalmologist or gynecologist

Parking ticket insults

Parrot and ugly lady

Parrot asks forgiveness

Pay raise

Peaceful retirement

Pending divorce interview

People love Jesus

Perfect ham sandwich

Pest control inspector

Physician humor

Physician prescribes suppositories

Pig vs bitch

Pillow talk

Pillsbury doughboy obituary

Playing house

Pleasing a woman

Poker game

Police evidence lockers

Polish divorce

Poor preacher

Pork or woman

Portrait of 3 Irish coal miners

Postal workers help an elderly lady

Potato head

Pray for me

Preacher accidentally kills parisioner

Preachers healing powers

Prescription refill

Priest and rabbi

Priest asks for favor

Priests fled

Proof girls are evil

Psychology experiment gone wrong

Quick friendship quiz

Rabbi exposes two evil brother’s funeral

Rabbi in a catholic hospital

Redneck gas station

Retail employee application

Retardment in Florida

Revenge blonde flight

Romantic note from wife

Rules of hygiene in the bathroom

Runaway letter

Running a red light

Russian American dogfight

Satan and the construction worker

Saying a prayer at dinner

Schuberts unfinished symphony

Scientists debate god

Seagull goes to heaven

Secret of fishing

Secret of selling Bibles

Secrets from parked cars in the woods

Senior couple food order

Senior golfer

She said he heard

She said he said

Shingles for physician

Shocking vegetarian meal

Simple woman’s prayer

Single woman’s prayer

Skeleton scares golfer

Smart kid gets reward ice cream cone

Smart parrot

Soap bar soap opera

Solving the bat problem

Son asks Dad for money

Son in law

Speed camera revenge

Speeding blonde

Speeding female driver

Speeding old goat goes down a well

Speeding ticket wife

Sperm bank

Staten island ferry

Steak on friday

Story of the bull and the turkey

Strange chinaman name

Strange Christmas scene

Successful gallbladder operation

Sunday school teacher

Superman joke

Surprise blind date

Sydney’s last wishes for Harriet

Taxi cab driver

Teacher gets a surprise gift from a student

Teenage son

Tempting mother-in-law

Ten commandments origin

Ten short jokes

Texas soldier

The 40-year curse

The know it all

The snake and the rabbit

The thought process of men’s and womans brains revealed

The wailing wall in jerusalem

The way to a womans heart is through her cat

This watch can predict events one hour in the future

Three blondes order drinks bar

Three men meet devil get due punishment

Three theater seats

Three women

Tight skirt

Tips to employees from their managers

Tour of heaven

Traffic ticket excuses

Traffic ticket lawyer

Transylvania humor


Travis wife gets pregnant

Triple scotch at the bar

Truth about small business

Two die hard baseball fans

Two irish drunks at a bar

Two italians spell mississippi

Two lawyers get robbed in a bank

Two little johnny jokes

Two or three children

Two teenagers reading and knitting in lovers lane

Understand accountants

Union brothel

Urgent beer warning

Valentines day humor

Very odd phone call

Veterinarian doubles as a taxidermist

Visit to grandma

Walking on water

War is war

Warning for guys

Wedding gift

Weird marriage vows

What does lawyer offer doctor after car accident

What happens when women are assertive

What is price of a brain

What is your name

What nationality was jesus

What nursing homes will not permit elderly patients do

What to do with 100000

What to do with drunk biker

What to write if you are unprepared for class

Where is bin working

Where is god

Who shot the beaver

Who wears pants in family

Who will sleep in the barn

Why baby laughing so much

Why i fired my secretary

Why women talk so much

Wife asks husband for divorce

Wife feeds husband best dinner he ever had

Wife gets every her wish by her husband

Wife lets her husband cheat once

Wife pulls plug on husband

Wifes favorite flower

Winning retail game

Wisdom for my senior friends

Woman asks genie for one wish

Woman driver has contacts

Work versus jail

Worried housewife

Wrong number

You have been with me all through bad times

Young woman

Zebra identity