pictures people looking at wall art


Aussie man dictionary for Americans

Clueless duck leads ducklings into a misadventure

Bar with funny no-shirt policy for men and women

Beer bellies from apes to modern man

Beware of mouse from the early days of personal computers

Body sushi platter (nyotaimori)

Bowotox – Botox for dogs

Brave cat walks in front of a line of German Shepard dogs

Burden of unusual carry-on luggage

Cat burglar pun

Cat swallows mouse

Child’s prayer for dad’s pictures

Cocaine inhaler

Control box

Daily prayer

Dalmatian get caught cheating

Dangerous email virus

DIY home treadmill

Dogs having drinks in stray bar

Door lock for drunks

Drunk dog

Duck’s revenge

Dumb pilots

Ex-spouse in hell

Extreme advertising of a baby

Eyes go first

False alarm

Farting in the pool

Fat lady offers reward for lost dog

Female peacocks not impressed by feathers of male peacock

Female seagull

Flying donkey

Garage doors you must see to believe

Get out of jail

Global warming

Guess what this trick picture is

Happy July 4th

Heartwarming quotes about mom

Heineken cooler

High maintenance date

High tech toilet

How Manhattan residents decide to go somewhere

How to recruit guys for college

Hugs from furry friends

Igloo contractors

International symbol for marriage

Irish daycare center

Jonah and the whale

Liquid panty remover

Man’s remote control

Mini jail for kid

Perfect husband

Perverted snails

Photo of cats

Pick the nose

Picture of break-up ring

Picture of bento box sushi meal as cat

Picture of the construction crew at work

Pilot flight preparation

Post-war Afghanistan

Ran into ex-husband

Revenge by the computer

Romantic intent

Sad day on Sesame Street

Senior road rage

Serenity answer

Shopping for pants

Show me the money visit from the IRS to a church

Silly beach rules

Sleeping positions personality test

Smack, crack, and pot cereal

That was not chicken you ate

The Absolut hacker

Three wise women bring gifts to a manger

Truck body paintings

Ultimate scuba tanks

Utility pole revenge

Visual illusion of a circle

Visual illusion of colors

Visual illusion by dots

Visual illusion of haze

Visual illusions of lines

Visual illusions of legs

Watch out for deer

What people do after leaving drive-through window at McDonald’s

When never is better than being late

Which bumper cars can go on the streets of California legally

Who is the spy?

Why cats purr

Why cops love donuts

Why men die before women

Wishing well

Woman’s parking lot