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  • Job Application by Retiree

    An alleged actual job application submitted by a 75-year-old retiree. They hired him because he was so funny. NAME Kenneth Way (Grumpy Bastard) SEX Not lately, but I am looking for the right woman (or at least one who will cooperate). DESIRED POSITION Company’s Chief Executive or Managing Director. But seriously, whatever’s available. If I […]

  • Hearing aid for seniors

    A man feared his wife wasn’t hearing as well as she used to and he thought she might need a hearing aid. Not quite sure how to approach her, he called the family doctor to discuss the problem. The doctor told him there is a simple informal test the husband could perform to give the […]

  • Life Stages Explained

    On the first day God created the cow. God said, “You must go to the field with the farmer all day long and suffer under the sun, have calves and give milk to support the farmer. I will give you a life span of sixty years.” The cow said, “That’s a kind of a tough […]

  • Successful Gallbladder Operation

    An old fellow came into the hospital truly on death’s door due to an infected gallbladder. The surgeon who removed the gallbladder was adamant that his patients be up and walking in the hall the day after surgery, to help prevent blood clots forming in the leg veins. The nurses walked the patient in the […]

  • Guide to life over 50

    Funny things start happening at 50 years of age. Q: Where can men over the age of 50 find young, sexy, women who are interested in them?A: Try a bookstore under fiction. Q: What can a man do while his wife is going through menopause?A: Keep busy. If you’re handy with tools, you can finish […]

  • Elderly Woman Caught Speeding

    A State Trooper pulled an 87-year-old woman over for speeding. As he looked at her driver’s license he was surprised to notice that attached to it was a concealed weapon permit. Taken aback, he couldn’t help but ask, “Do you have a gun in your possession?” She replied in her crackly voice, “Indeed, I do. […]