God Offers His Commandments

Ten Commandments held by MosesGod approached the Italians first to offer them his ten commandments.

“What commandments are you offering?” they asked.

He answered that one of them is, “Thou shalt not murder.”

They answered, “Sorry, we are not interested.”

Next he offered the ten commandments to the Romanian people.

“What commandments do you offer?” they said.

He replied one would be, “Thou shalt not steal.”

They answered, “Sorry, we don’t want them.”

Next he offered his list of ten commandments to the French people.

“What are your commandments?” they asked.

“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife,” would be among them.

“Sorry, but we’ll pass on them,” they said.

Finally he approached the Jews on taking his ten commandments.

“How much do they cost?” they asked.

“They’re totally free,” he told them.

“We’ll take ten of them!”

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