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  • Florida Lottery Winner

    I won the Florida lottery! I’m now a multi-millionaire! Can you believe it? I’m bouncing off the walls here! You see, although my ticket doesn’t have the exact winning numbers on it, I meant to pick those numbers. The ticket was very confusing when I was filling it out and so I ended up with the […]

  • Poker Game

    Charlie, Marvin and Lou, retired friends,would get together every night, rain or shine, to play some poker. It was a nice way to pass the time and the men thoroughly enjoyed it. Charlie’s wife, though, wasn’t happy about her husband’s poker games. She thought it was a dirty and low way to fill his time, […]

  • Elderly Woman Fools Burglar

    An elderly woman had just returned to her home from an evening of religious service when she was startled by an intruder. As she caught the man in the act of robbing her home of its valuables, she yelled, “Stop! Acts 2:38!” (..turn from your sin….). The burglar stopped dead in his tracks. The elderly […]

  • Deceased Person’s Credit Card

    Relative attempts to handle a deceased person’s credit card debts. A lady died this past January, and the bank billed her for their annual service charges on her credit card, plus the appropriate late fees and interest. The balance for the deceased person’s credit card initially had been $0.00, but now amounted to $60.00 and […]

  • Bank Robber Blunders

    Lessons From Idiotic Bank Robbers According to the FBI, most modern-day bank robberies are “unsophisticated and unprofessional crimes,” committed by young male repeat offenders who apparently don’t know the first thing about their business. The following list of moronic moves was part of an amusing article titled “How Not to Rob a Bank,” by Tim Clark, […]

  • Easy Living

    Easy Living With Coupons Here are ten ways to tell if you are living on nothing. You attend a weekly coupon club. You’ve been driving on the spare tire for over three months. Fast food is your idea of fine dining. You spend more time counting change during a  week than you spend at church. […]