Florida Lottery Winner

Florida lottery

I won the Florida lottery! I’m now a multi-millionaire!

Can you believe it? I’m bouncing off the walls here!

You see, although my ticket doesn’t have the exact winning numbers on it, I meant to pick those numbers.

The ticket was very confusing when I was filling it out and so I ended up with the wrong numbers on my card.

But since I really intended to pick those other numbers, I’m confident they’re going to give me the money anyway.

You know, they really shouldn’t make those darn cards so hard to fill out.

And even though I was confused, I didn’t ask for help because I didn’t think anyone would have helped me.

In case the Florida Lottery doesn’t give me the money, I’ve prepared a law suit to make my case to get my money.

I’ll just sue for it!

I’ll let you all know when I get the money.

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One response to “Florida Lottery Winner”

  1. Cliff Halford

    Those cards aren’t hard to fill out. Rules are rules and that’s a stupid lawsuit which he’ll never win.