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  • Life’s Certainties

    A madam opened the door of a brothel an saw a dignified, well-dressed good-looking man in his late 40s or early 50s. “Can I help you?” she asked. “I want to see Natalie” the man replied. “Sir, Natalie is one of our most expensive ladies. Perhaps you would prefer someone else,” said the madam. “No. […]

  • Lawyer’s Billable Hours

    A young lawyer died and was brought to heaven. Upon arriving at heaven the lawyer protested it was to early for him to die, because he was only 32 years old and there must be some mistake. The angel listened and agreed that perhaps there was some mistake and promised to review the case. After […]

  • Feed The Poor

    A well-to-do attorney was riding in the rear of his stretch limousine discussing an important case. Glancing out of his tinted windows he noticed a couple of men eating grass in the fields. Curiosity got the best of him and he told his chauffeur to pull over onto the shoulder. “What are doing? Eating grass?” […]

  • Butcher Asks Lawyer For Advice

    A lawyer’s dog, runs around town without a leash and steals a leg of ham from a butcher shop. The butcher goes to the lawyer’s office and asks, “If a dog steals a piece of meat from my store, do I have a right to demand payment for the meat from the dog’s owner?” The lawyer answers, […]

  • Lawyers On Troubled Flight

    An airliner was having engine trouble, so the pilot instructed the flight assistants to have the passengers take their seats and get prepared for an emergency landing. A few minutes later, the pilot asked the flight attendants if everyone was buckled in and ready. “All set back here, Captain,” came the reply, “except the lawyers […]

  • Who do you trust with $100,000?

    An old man leaves a doctor, lawyer and CPA in charge of his last $100,000.