Blessing A Steak On Friday

Converted Catholic eats steak on Friday

steak on Friday night

A Jewish man moves into a strictly Catholic neighborhood.

Every Friday, the Catholics practically go berserk, because while they’re eating only their required fish, they smell the sizzling steak odors as their new neighbor is in his backyard barbecuing a steak on Friday.

So, the Catholics begin to work on the Jew to convert him to their faith.

Finally, by long endurance, the Catholics succeed on the Jew joining the Catholic faith.

They take the Jew to a priest who sprinkles holy water on the Jew and pronounces: “Born a Jew ……Raised a Jew ……Now a Catholic.”

The Catholics are ecstatic; no more delicious, but maddening smells every Friday evening!

But come the following Friday, the scent of barbecuing steaks goes throughout the Catholic neighborhood.

They all rush to the former Jewish man’s home to remind him of his new dietary requirements of no steak on Friday.

They find him standing over the sizzling meat, knife in one hand, his other hand dipping in water.

He sprinkles water over the meat and says, “Born a cow ……Raised a cow ……Now a fish!”