beautiful blonde cashier

Priests Flee Buxom Blonde

beautiful blonde cashier

Three priests fled from their passionate encounter with a busty blonde.

Three priests were waiting in line for tickets to go home to Pittsburg at an airport.

Behind the counter was a very, very shapely blonde: well-endowed, gorgeous, stunningly beautiful.

The priests were all embarrassed staring at the shapely blonde, so they drew straws to see who would be first to ask for their tickets from her.

The first priest approached the window.

“Young lady,” he began, “I would like three tickets to Titsburg.” He completely lost his composure and the first of the priests fled the scene.

The second priest approached her and said, “Young lady, I would like three tickets to Pittsburg and I would like my change in nipples and dimes.” Then the second of the priests fled.

Finally, the third one said in a confident manner, “Young lady, I would like three tickets to Pittsburg and I would like the change in nickels and dimes. And I must say,” he continued, “If you insist on dressing like that, when you get to the Pearly gates, St. Fingers going to shake his peter at you.”

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