Pork Or Woman?

A rabbi and a priest, long time friends, were having lunch together one day.

Downing a forkful of fish, the priest asked the rabbi, “Moishe, in all your entire life, do you mean to tell me that you have never ONCE tasted pork? Be honest with me!”

rabbi and priest having lunch together

The rabbi answered, “Well, Ed, since you ask me: Once, back when I was a young man, I was with some friends when we were served some bacon and eggs. I had a taste of bacon at that time.”

“Aha! So you see what you’ve been missing!?”

“But you? Ed, did you ever, ever, have sex with a woman?”

“Well, it was back when I was a young priest. I had a beautiful, young parishioner who approached me with her troubles. One thing led to another, and we ended up becoming intimate with each other.”

“Better than pork, isn’t it?”

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