What happens when film producer loses his arm?

film producer rolexA film producer parks his brand new Porsche Carerra Cabriolet, and just as he swings the door open to get out, a truck speeds by and completely tears it off.

The producer, ready to kill, grabs his cell phone, dials his assistant and tells her to dial 911 immediately.

Soon a cop pulls up, but before he can begin to speak, the producer starts screaming hysterically – his car, a work of art, which he just picked up, was completely ruined, would never be the same, reduced to junk, he can’t drive around in a piece of junk, does the cop have any idea who he is – and then the producer proceeds to list his credits, exaggerating the grosses a little.

The cop calmly listens until the producer runs out of steam, then shaking his head says, “I can’t believe how materialistic you movie people are. You’re all so focused on your precious possessions that you notice nothing else.”

“How can you say such a thing?” fires back the insulted producer.

The cop replies, “Did you notice that your left arm is missing from the elbow down?”

“Damn!!!!!” screams the producer. “My Rolex!”

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