pretty woman driver inside luxury car

Trooper Stops Beautiful Blonde Speeding in Tesla and Gets Some City Attitude

Amid the vast Texas highways, under the scorching sun and surrounded by miles of open land, State Trooper Josh was always on the lookout for any jerks on the highway. Texas had loads of speedsters, but on this particular day, a shiny, sleek Tesla with New York plates caught his attention. It zoomed past like a silver bullet not giving a damn about speed limits.

Inside that vehicle was a young beauty named Laura, her sunglasses as large as her ambition. Her blonde hair danced wildly with the air conditioner, and the futuristic hum of her electric car was drowned out by blaring pop music. Coming from New York City, the sprawling Texan roads were a far cry from the busy streets she was accustomed to.

Josh, sensing a chance for some fun with the New Yorker, turned on his siren and flagged her down. The sight of the huge Texas hat approaching her side mirror was an annoying experience for Laura.

Feeling cocky like most troopers Josh decided to start with a simple “Howdy madam, where y’all from?”

Never missing a beat and wearing her big apple pride on her sleeve, Clara shot back, “From a place where they know better than to use a preposition at the end of a sentence.”

Surprised, but always up for a good verbal dig, the trooper considered his words, took a moment, and then replied, “You’re so right about my question. So let me put it this way, where y’all from, bitch?”

She got a Texas speeding ticket.

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