poor village home with dirty soldier

War Is War

poor village home with dirty soldier

Once in a time of war, foreign troops looted all the villages, of their food, wine, and women.

Before they could enter one such village, all the inhabitants wisely decided to leave, except for one young man, who had a 90-year-old grandmother to take care of.

Eventually, the soldiers found the only occupied house and tore inside of it.

“Bring us some food,” the young soldier barked to the young man.

” But I have only half a loaf of bread”

“War is War: Bring us food”

So he gives his last morsel of food to foreign troops.

“Now bring us some wine”

“But I doubt if there is any in the house. You know how things are these days!”

“War is War: bring us the wine or else you die!”

So the young man manages to find half a bottle of wine and gives it to them.

“Now, bring us a woman!”

“But every woman has left the village,” the young man told them.

“The only female here is my 90-year-old grandmother.”

“War is War: Bring her to us.”

The old woman is brought in. She’s so frail that the soldiers decide to do anything to her and say,

“We’ll let you off this time.”

Granny demands, “The heck you will, War is War!”

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