Heaven’s gatekeeper gives a tour

heaven's gates at sunset

Recently deceased man approaches the gatekeeper in heaven and asks for instructions.

The gatekeeper says, “You’re new here so I’ll show you around before I take you to your place.”

So they go for a tour. The gatekeeper starts pointing out all the sections of heaven.

“…And over here on your left we have the Jews, there on your right are the Buddists, and behind you are the Taoists,…” and so on.

They keep going and finally come up to a brick wall that is as tall and as wide as the man can see, but behind the wall is a lot of laughing and cheering.

The visitor looks at the gatekeeper and says, “What’s happening on the other side of that wall?”

The gatekeeper snickers and says, “Oh that’s the Catholics. They think they’re the only ones up here.”

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