three stunningly beautiful women arrive at heavens gate

What St. Peter Says After He Questions Three Women Will Surprise You

Three women met untimely deaths and arrived at the gates of heaven.

At the entrance to the hallowed gates, they were halted by St. Peter and his obedient angel for their rights to be accepted for an eternity in heaven.

St. Peter asked each of the three women, “Before entering you must answer a simple question.”

They replied together, “Which is…?”

He asked the first of the three women, “Have you led a virtuous life?”

“Oh yes!” she quickly answered.

“I was a virgin before I got married and still had my virginity after I got married.”

“Excellent,” exclaimed St. Peter.

“My dear angel, give this woman the golden key.”

“Have you been a good person?”, he asked the second of the three women.

“Oh, quite good indeed,” she said.

“I was a virgin before I got married, but not after I consummated my marriage.”

“Very good,” said St. Peter.

“Angel, give this woman a silver key to heaven.”

St. Peter asked the last of the three women, “Have you been a virtuous woman?”

“Oh no, not at all,” she quietly admitted to him.

“I practically have sex with every man I met before, and even after marriage. Anywhere, anytime.”

“Sad to hear that,” retorted St. Peter.

“Angel, please present this woman with my room key.”

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