Three blondes order drinks in bar

three drinks

Seems that three blondes sat down at the bar in a tavern for a few drinks.

The first blonde confidently places her order with the bartender, “I’ll have a BM.”

The bartender, wondering what what the heck that means, asks her, “A what?”

She says, “A Bloody Mary, duh.”

Then the second blonde tells the bar tender what she’ll have, “I want a JC.”

Now he is still stumped and asks her, “What is a JC?”

She responds, smacking her lips, “A Jack Daniels and Coke, geez.”

Getting into the act the last blonde makes her request to the bartender, “Make mine a fifteen.”

Puzzled again, he asks her what the order for fifteen meant.

The third blonde shakes her head and says, “It’s a seven and seven, of course.”

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