Top 20 Thinnest Books


  1. How To Please Women
    John Bobbitt
  2. My Plan To Find The Real Killers
    O. J. Simpson
  3. Things I Cannot Afford
    Bill Gates
  4. To All The Men I’ve Loved Before
    Ellen DeGeneres
  5. Things I Wouldn’t Do For The Money
    Dennis Rodman
  6. The Wild Years
    Al Gore
  7. Living On A Shoestring Budget
    Oprah Winfrey
  8. Guide To The Pacific Ocean
    Amelia Earhart
  9. My Beauty Secrets
    Janet Reno
  10. My Collection Of Motivational Speeches
    Dr. Jack Kevorkian
  11. Why I Like Different Cultures
    Adolph Hitler
  12. French War Heroes
    Jacques Chirac
  13. Big Book Of Baby Names
    George Foreman
  14. Man’s Guide To Dating Etiquette
    Mike Tyson
  15. The Book Of Virtues
    Bill Clinton
  16. Things I Love About Bill
    Hillary Clinton
  17. Staying Happily Married
    Elizabeth Taylor
  18. Your One-Step Guide To Job Advancement
    Monica Lewinsky
  19. Ministers Do More Than Lay People
    Jesse Jackson, Jim Baker And Jimmy Swaggert
  20. 101 Delicious Spotted Owl Recipes
    The Sierra Club

Top 10 Thinnest Book Runners-Up

  1. Gun Safety
    Dick Cheney
  2. All My Talent
    Paris Hilton
  3. How To Find Osama Bin Laden
    George Bush
  4. Life As An Air Traffic Controller
    Ray Charles
  5. My Life As A Woman
    Martina Navratilova
  6. On Human Rights
    Fidel Castro
  7. My Accomplishments In Congress
    Barack Obama
  8. My Happy Home Life And Marriage
    Woody Allen
  9. Corporate Responsibility
    Kenneth Lay
  10. Things I Did To Deserve The Nobel Peace Prize
    Barack Obama

Thinnest Reference Books

  • Everything Men Know About Women
  • Everything Women Know About Men
  • The Engineers Guide To Fashion
  • The Amish Phone Directory
  • Career Opportunities For Liberal Arts Majors
  • America’s Most Popular Lawyers
  • Different Ways To Spell Bob
  • Human Rights Advances In China
  • African Americans I Have Met While Yachting
  • The Big Muslim Book Of Bacon Recipes
  • Hindu Beef Recipes
  • The Fat, Lard And Oil Diet
  • A Guide To Arab Democracies
  • Quantum Physics For Absolute Morons
  • The Comic Genius Of Al Gore
  • The Chinese Book Of Human Rights
  • Household Uses For Plutonium 235
  • Defending France – Strategies Of Defense In War
  • A Rapper’s Guide To Grooming And Style
  • America’s Most Popular Lawyers
  • The Gentle, Caring Side Of Josef Stalin
  • Fulfilled Campaign Promises (479 bc to 2015 ad)
  • Detroit: A Travel Guide
  • Ghengis Khan And The Mongols: A Feminist Perspective
  • Famous Jazz Bagpipers
  • Banjo Sonatas
  • The Total Vocabulary Of Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Sylvester Stallone’s Dramatic Acting Tips
  • Italian Naval Victories
  • Deep Thinking Liberals
  • Heterosexual Hangouts In Key West
  • Biographies Of Happy Women
  • Blind Dates That Worked Out
  • A Thousand Years Millennium Of German Humor
  • The United Nations Manual Of Positive Decision Making
  • Arctic Gardening
  • Polish War Heroes
  • How To Get A Tan With A Blowtorch
  • The Book Of Motivated Postal Workers
  • A Guide To Australian Etiquette
  • The World Guide To Good American Beer
  • Royal Family’s Guide To Happy Marriages
  • Great Women Drivers Of Today
  • A Female’s Guide To Logical Thinking
  • Cooking Gourmet Dishes With Tofu
  • Countries Where Socialism Is Successful
  • Ethiopian Tips On World Dominance
  • Feminists Worth Marrying
  • Fun With Unix
  • Great English Cooking
  • Marcel Marceau’s Greatest Speeches
  • Mother Teresa’s Guide To Erotic Pottery
  • Proud Parents Of Rock Musicians
  • Successful Applications Of Artificial Intelligence
  • Young, Single Males Speak Out Against Masturbation
  • Great Russian Philanthropists
  • A Compendium Of Italian Nobel Prize Winners
  • Americans Who Understand The Difference Between Punctuation And Grammar
  • Dutch Generosity Through The Centuries
  • Eskimo Swimsuit Models
  • Fifty Days To A Better Hypothalamus
  • Fun Party Games Involving Porcupines
  • Great American Cars Of The 1980’s
  • Hilarious Female Comics
  • Madonna On Formal Wear
  • Mafia Music: The Symphonies Of Don Vito Corleone
  • Modesty, The American Way
  • Mormon Divorce Lawyers
  • Norwegians Without Herring Breath
  • Operating Instructions For Scotch Tape
  • Pi, Rounded For Everyday Use
  • Pittsburgh When It’s Not Raining: A Photographic Collection
  • Straight Hairdressers
  • The Complete Collection Of Harlem Poetry
  • NRA On The Merits Of Gun Control
  • The Plan For Prohibition In Australia
  • The Pleasant Street Smells Of New York City

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