Satan And The Construction Worker

There was a construction worker who was working on a building when he unfortunately fell 15 stories to his bloody death.

He arrived at the pearly gates, but St. Peter informed him of a mistake, “Oh, I am sorry, my man. But you have been sentenced to hell.”

The construction worker agreed – not like he could do anything else – and went on his way down.

When he arrived in his ultimate destination, the devil looked at him and said, “Ah! A new slave. We shall burn you and throw you in the fiery pits.”

Then the worker replied, “That wall could use a bit of patching. I could fix it first and you could throw me in the pit afterward.”

So he fixed the wall. Satan, intrigued, asked, “What else can you build?”

So the construction worker went about his job and made many improvements.

In fact, by the time he was done, hell turned into paradise.

It had air conditioning, pools, balconies, you name it.

Within a few days, God phoned Satan and said, “I think there has been a mix-up. That construction worker was originally supposed to be in heaven.”

Satan replied, “No way – he’s built all sorts of useful stuff for us. We’re keeping him.”

God then said, “Oh, yeah? Well, I’ll see you in court. We’re going to sue you for this man’s soul and damages.”

Satan just laughed: “And where are you going to find a lawyer?”

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