man driving pickup truck

Running A Red Light

One evening, Homer picked up Honey at a local watering hole.

They were on their way to his apartment when the traffic light suddenly turned red from green.

Homer pressed his foot on the accelerator and ran the red light.

Honey asked, “Why did you do that?”

Homer casually said, “Ain’t nothin’, my brother does it all the time.”

At the next traffic light, the light changed again.

Again Homer sped through it.

Honey, beginning to think about her smarts of being in the same car as Homer, asked, “Why do you keep doing that?”

“Don’t worry,” Homer answered, “my brother drives like this.”

At the next intersection, the last one in the town with a light, the light turned green.

As all the vehicles started moving, Homer stopped to a dead halt.

Honey, panicking by now, screamed, “What ARE you doing?!”

Homer answered, “Got to be careful; my bother might be driving the other way.”

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