photograph of bulls-eyes at shooting range

Outrageous Excuses On Why I Missed The Target

Here’s over 100 funny excuses for missing the target.

  1. There was a fly in my sight.
  2. The wind was blowing.
  3. I all of a sudden got a really bad headache.
  4. I didn’t pull the trigger. There was a mosquito and I tried to kill it.
  5. Well … the bar was open.
  6. I just did not want to wear out the center of the target.
  7. No wind.
  8. Rain on my glasses.
  9. There was movement behind the target.
  10. I had a tricky calm to deal with.
  11. The bullets are just not going were I aim them.
  12. The photographer standing behind me was taking pictures and going click, click, click.
  13. I did this one on purpose.
  14. I just wanted to give others a chance to beat me!
  15. I couldn’t see. The target was so bright my shots kept veering off.
  16. My bullets and my guns were having a little dissagreement.
  17. I made my gun sleep by herself last night.
  18. My wife won’t let me practice in the living room anymore!
  19. The sunlight came from behind and reflected off my target.
  20. I left my own bullets at home and had to use someone else’s.
  21. Sorry, held my gun upside down.
  22. Got my nose tangled in the sight.
  23. What do you mean am I left-handed?
  24. A bee stung my trigger finger.
  25. The earth moved.
  26. I haven’t had that lobotomy yet: I’m still thinking when I shoot.
  27. I was just aiming where your shots hit on the target to keep you company.
  28. long mustacheThe sight got caught on my mustache!
  29. Practice makes perfect I don’t want to be that good.
  30. Just as I was locked on target there was an earth tremor!
  31. Need to get my hands tuned! My right hand will not pull the trigger while my left hand holds the gun.
  32. I don’t want all the other people hitting my target.
  33. That bullets have been shooting funny all day.
  34. Oh….You mean I was supposed to hit THAT target?
  35. Who said I missed?
  36. Your target was too easy so I picked a different one.
  37. My breath fogged my scope.
  38. The target is just an optical illusion.
  39. The guy behind me was chanting “Miss it, miss it.”
  40. I lost my sight in the action.
  41. F-f-flinch…. I n-never f-f-flinch.
  42. Why did I miss? Well for once I wanted to see what it felt like.
  43. My nose hairs got caught in the scope.
  44. I neglected to allow for the rotation of the earth again!
  45. All I needed was just one more bullet.
  46. Well…I was testing the direction of the wind!
  47. The helicopter, aircraft, bird etc. al. distracted me.
  48. My lucky hat wasn’t on backwards.
  49. My boobs got in the way.
  50. I wasn’t shooting very well, ’cause I was half asleep!
  51. I paid for a whole target, I use the WHOLE target.
  52. It was so cold out my fingers were frostbitten, so I couldn’t pull my trigger.
  53. The release went off and I wasn’t ready!
  54. I had a full bladder.
  55. I picked up the wrong gun.
  56. My trigger went off prematurely.
  57. It was lunch time so I wanted to get it over with so I could eat.
  58. The teacher was wearing yellow, how the heck was I supposed to know which YELLOW target to aim for?
  59. What do ya mean, three aces aren’t good enough?
  60. The batteries went dead in my ipod, or there was a song change half way through the shot.
  61. Cold weather, high pressure, altitude, and 100% humidity caused the bullet to miss – I think.
  62. I’m from the plains and I never shoot in hills like this.
  63. The wind was blowing from the back and my hair got in the way of my eyes.
  64. About the time that I pulled the trigger I noticed just how tight her jeans really were.
  65. I always hate to put holes in a new target.
  66. My friend told me I had a screw loose.
  67. Well it was aimed right when I pulled the trigger.
  68. My bullets are too expensive, so I couldn’t use a all of them.
  69. I did it on purpose.
  70. The trigger slipped because my hands are full of Vaseline.
  71. I’m just trying to SCARE the target.
  72. I forgot to put the bullet in.
  73. I need to replace the spring. The speed of my bullets vary too much.
  74. I’m used to 10 yards. I think that was 12.
  75. It was so hot in there that my glasses kept sliding down my nose.
  76. It was so hot in there that my cheek kept sliding off the wood of my rifle.
  77. I never did a 60 shot match before. I’m used to 40 so I got tired on the last 20.
  78. That TL tube was flickering.
  79. The targets were too badly lighted.
  80. I wanted to punch out the black by making a perfect circle around it.
  81. Oh, you have to hit THAT white dot? geez…
  82. Isn’t 0.5 millimetres a bit small to hit from 10 meters?
  83. Somebody must have changed my trigger pressure.
  84. My trigger wasn’t screwed on right, it kept shifting its position.
  85. Halfway my bullets ran out, and I wasn’t used to the new one.
  86. It’s too noisy here, I can’t concentrate.
  87. I’m not used to having a video camera pointed at my target as well. It makes me nervous to know that everybody can see what I shoot.
  88. The guy beside me kept shooting 10s and I got envious so I couldn’t concentrate.
  89. Try to concentrate with a girl like that right in front of you.
  90. The guy in front of me was left-handed, and I’m not used to looking somebody in the face.
  91. I’m not used to facing the wall.
  92. The target transporters were too noisy.
  93. My target transporter kept stopping when it was halfway so I had to constantly press the button again which threw me off my concentration.
  94. Well I’m not shooting well, so next year I’ll be in C instead of B, so I’ll actually have a chance of winning.
  95. The trainer told me to take my time, but my time was starting to run out so I didn’t have the time to concentrate well on those last ten shots.
  96. I had just oiled my leather jacket, so the rifle kept sliding down my shoulder.
  97. I had just oiled my glove, so my hand kept sliding down my rifle.
  98. I had a small wound on my left hand, and that glove doesn’t sweat so the sweat got in it. That was very irritating.
  99. The lighting wasn’t good enough.
  100. Well, on our course it’s always cool, and on this court it wasn’t. I’m not used to that.
  101. I had to go to the restroom after the 25th shot, and when I came back my zero position had shifted so I had to re-calibrate my rifle, which took a few shots.

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