back door entrance house ill repute

Unholy Sights: Irish Ditch Diggers Discover Clergy’s Hidden Visits

back door entrance house ill repute

A pair of Irish ditch diggers were repairing some roadside damage directly across the street from a house of ill repute, when they saw a Protestant Reverend lurking about and then ducking into the house.

“Would ya look at that, Darby!” said Paddy.

“What a shameful disgrace, those Protestant reverends sinning in a house the likes of that place!”

They both shook their heads in disgust and continued their work.

A short time later they watched as a Rabbi looked around cautiously and then darted into the house of ill repute when he felt no one had spied on him.

“Did ya see that, Darby?” Paddy asked the other, in shock and disbelief.

“Is nothing holy to those Jewish people?

I just can’t understand what the world is coming to these days.

A man of the cloth indulging himself in sins of the flesh. ‘Tis a shame, I tell ya!”

A little while later they saw a third man, a Catholic Priest, lurking about the house of ill repute looking around to see if any one was watching, and then quietly sneaking in the side door.”

“Oh no, Darby, look!” said Paddy, removing his cap. “One of the poor girls musta died.”

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