Finding The Ideal Wife

When I was a young teenager, 13-14, I started to notice girls and decided I wanted one of my own.

Not having much success until I turned about 16, when I finally found a girl, but unfortunately, there was no passion.

So, I decided I needed a passionate girl with a zest for life and the unknown.

ideal wifeIn college I dated a woman but she was way too emotional.

Everything was so dramatized.

She cried so much and her laughs seemed forced. I decided I needed a wife with stability.

When I was about 25 I found a very stable woman, but she was so very dull, almost like a mannequin.

So totally predictable and never excited about anything.

I decided I needed a wife who was looking to be excited by the unknown.

When I was about 28 I found such a woman, but I couldn’t keep up with her.

She was so much in a hurry, never happy with any situation.

I was again very miserable.

I thought — maybe I needed one with some real ambition.

When I turned 30 I met an ambitious woman with her feet firmly planted on the ground and I made her my wife.

She was so ambitious she divorced me and took all my toys.

I am now in my 50’s and just looking for a wife with big boobs!

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