Dead Dog Arrives Alive

Mysterious Case of Dead Dog’s Mistaken Identity

not so dead dog

A widowed lady, travelling alone, was taking a long plane trip back to where she & her husband both grew up.

Upon arriving at the airport she informed the airline that she wanted to take her dog with her in the cabin. She became angry when the airline told her she couldn’t, but finally gave in and allowed them to put the dog in the baggage compartment.

The airline pilot told her, “It will be warm & pressurized in there, & your dog should be just fine. Nothing to worry about.”

Upon arrival at the first fuel stop, the crew went to check on the dog and found it dead! The airline crew quickly ran all over town until they found a dog of the same color, height, weight, and sex & put it in the cage in place of the dead dog.

Upon arrival at their final destination, they hand delivered the lady her dog. Quite surprised, the woman says, “Sorry, but that’s not my dog! Could you please go get MY dog?”

The airline pilot replies, “Sure it’s your dog. Look! It’s the same height, weight, color, & sex as when we loaded it.”

The lady again insisted, “THIS, IS NOT MY DOG!”

The airline pilot asks her, “Just how do you know that this isn’t your dog?”

The widow answers them, “Because my dog was dead! I was taking it home to bury it next to my husband!”

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