Cocaine Inhaler

cocaine inhaler

Dangers to the nose of cocaine inhalers are

  • perforated septum
  • bloody nose
  • rhinitis, which is a chronic allergy-like condition
  • degradation of the nasal sidewalls
  • lifelong facial deformity
  • asthma
  • sleep apnea
  • recurring middle ear infections
  • loss of a normal sense of smell
  • sinusitis – a chronic inflammation in the walls of the sinuses

All these conditions come from repeated snorting with a cocaine inhaler because cocaine’s effects of feeling high last less than 30 minutes. Addicts feel the need to snort continuously to keep the good times rolling.

Narcotic substances such as cocaine are illegal due to addictive nature. People who start using a cocaine inhaler may say they will stop whenever they please, but the reality is they cannot because the body becomes dependent on it, and the withdrawal are horrendous.

More information on cocaine’s pernicious effects are found on the Timberline Knolls site.


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