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  • High-Maintenance Date

    High-Maintenance Date

      Four excellent definitions of a high-maintenance woman are listed in the urban dictionary, such as “excessively talkative, over-reactive, highly emotional, attention-seeking female who requires a firm handler.” So in other words, the guy has a tiger by the tail and he better be prepared for the ride. This guideline on high-maintenance dating compares…

  • Photo of cats

    Photo of cats

    While the picture makes it seem cats have great vision, the truth is their hearing is better than their sight. If this photo of cats may make a person want to avoid ugly hair root problems, the solution to ugly hair roots may be treated by a few simple methods: Avoid harsh chemicals and heat…

  • 10 never seen before images of cows created with cutting edge technology

    10 never seen before images of cows created with cutting edge technology

    Get ready to be amazed because we’ve got some wild images of cows. These pictures might make your eyes pop with their colors and patterns. You’ll see cows in a whole new way. It’s like looking at a crazy and colorful cow dream! Check out these mind-blowing images of cows that will leave you saying…

  • Easy Living

    Easy Living

    Here are ten ways to tell if you are living on nothing. You attend a weekly coupon club. You’ve been driving on the spare tire for over three months. Fast food is your idea of fine dining. You spend more time counting change during a  week than you spend at church. You’re outraged when the…

  • Watch Out For Deer

    Watch Out For Deer

    A speeding driver gets an unexpected passenger in his car. A guy was calmly going down a backwoods road eating snacks placed on the seat next to him. Suddenly a very hungry visitor decides they look too good to pass up. A little thing like a windshield didn’t stop this deer from getting his portion.

  • Female Seagull Quiz: Dealing With Nags

    Female Seagull Quiz: Dealing With Nags

    Humorous picture of one seagull talking constantly while the other ignores it. Try to guess which is the female and which is the male.