Cheated Husband’s Revenge

open shop for cheated husband

A man goes into a store and starts looking around.

He sees a washer and dryer but there is no price listed on them.

He asks a salesman who says, “Five dollars for both of them.”

“Yeah right, you’ve got to be joking with me!” the man says.

“No, that’s the price,” the salesman says, “do you want to buy them or not?”

“Yeah, I’ll take them,” the man says.

The man continues to look around and he sees a car stereo system with a CD changer, amplifier, speakers, and subwoofers.

“How much?” he asks.

“Five dollars for the system, including installation” the sales guy says.

“Is it stolen?” the guy asks incredulously.

“No,” says the salesman, “it’s brand new, do you want it or not?”

“Sure,” the guy says.

He looks around some more.

Next he finds a top-of-the-line computer with printer and monitor.

“How much?” he asks.

“Five dollars,” the salesman says.

“I’ll take that too!” the man says.

As the salesperson is ringing up the purchases, the man asks him, “Why are your prices so cheap?”

The salesman says, “Well, the owner of the store is at my house right now with my wife, and what he’s doing to her, I’m doing to his business!”

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