blonde in helicopter

Silly Joke About Clueless Blonde Helicopter Pilot

A blonde took her initial lessons on how to fly a helicopter.

She did all her groundwork and was finally ready to take off into the air.

The helicopter instructor told her,  “Take the chopper to 1,000 feet.”

So she took it up 1,000 feet and leveled off.

Then the instructor said, “Take it up to 2,000 feet.”

She took the helicopter to 2,000 feet and leveled it off.

The instructor said to himself, “Hmmmm, what they say about these blondes isn’t really true after all.”

Finally, he told her, “Take the chopper to 3,000 feet.”

She took it up 3,000 feet, leveled it off, and suddenly they started falling and crashed to the ground, but weren’t injured.

After that, he asked her, “What happened? You were doing just fine.”

She told him, “I got cold, so I turned off the overhead fan.”

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