Teenagers waiting for special moment

woman waiting for special moment
Waiting for that special moment

Joke about teenagers waiting for that special moment in lover’s lane.

A policeman was patrolling an isolated parking lot overlooking a romantic view.

As he drove by a car he saw a couple inside deep in thought.

There was a young woman sitting at the wheel lost in thought while a guy was texting on his phone.

He stopped to investigate by driving near the guy’s window and drawing his attention.

The young man looked up, rolled down the window and said, “Yes Officer?”

“What are you doing?” the policeman asked.

“What does it look like?” answered the young man. “I’m on my phone.”

Pointing towards the young lady next to him, the officer then asked, “And what is she doing?”

The young man looked over his shoulder and replied, “What does it look like? She’s thinking.”

“And how old are you?” the officer then asked the young man.

“I’m nineteen,” he replied.

“And how old is she?” asked the officer.

The young man looked at his watch and said, “Well, in about twelve minutes she’ll be sixteen.”

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