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Trivial Facts To Impress People

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  • Two-thirds of women older than 40 are the primary providers for their families.
  • A derivative of broccoli sprout extract protects the skin against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • The first prehistoric fish that made its way onto land saw a full range of colors, including wavelengths of light that human eyes cannot see.
  • It takes business people twice as long to enter text messages on an iPhone as on conventional cell phones.
  • A survey of tendencies among approximately 1,000 car owners age 18 and older showed that U.S. men and women demonstrated an equal interest in upgrading the quality of their tires and wheels. Women who responded to the survey tended to spend less than men when doing so.
  • The mangrove killifish, found in the Caribbean, can modify its biological makeup so it can breathe air and live in trees for months at a time.
  • The therapeutic, relaxing effect on the arteries provided by drinking a few cups of black tea is wiped out if milk is added to the drink.
  • About two-thirds of students play video and computer games – 82 percent of male students and 59 percent of female students. Only about one-quarter said they play games often with someone of the opposite sex.
  • Infants born to mothers who eat fruits while breastfeeding will be more receptive to eating those foods later in life.
  • While lunging toward krill and fish with an open mouth, a single-fin whale can engulf up to 2,900 cubic feet of the ocean soup, which is almost equal to the volume of a large school bus.
  • The parasitic jewel wasp uses venom injected directly into a cockroach’s brain to inhibit its victim’s free will and its motivation to walk. Unable to fight back, the “zombie” cockroach can be pulled into the wasp’s underground lair, where an egg is laid in its abdomen. The larva later hatches and eats the still-living but incapacitated cockroach from the inside out.
  • The planet Mercury has an Earth-like molten core that wobbles like a raw egg does when spun on a countertop.
  • Ape-men ancestors began walking on two legs 6 million years ago because it used far less energy than clambering on all fours.
  • Some office printers emit a dangerous amount of toner in the air, possibly causing health concerns ranging from respiratory irritation to cardiovascular problems. Some of these floating microscopic particles may be carcinogens.
  • Yawning may be a kind of low-tech air conditioning for the brain.
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  • Onions contain a sulfur-based antioxidant that binds with harmful toxins in the brain and flushes them out of the body, helping to prevent memory loss.
  • The Asian Cyprian honeybee kills its nemesis, the Oriental hornet, by smothering with other honeybees as a mob, causing the hornet to asphyxiate.
  • Sex among African bat bugs is a violent affair. During copulation, males of the species pierce the abdomens of their mates with their genitals and ejaculate directly into their blood.
  • Diners at restaurants enjoy their wine and meals more if the wine has a special label, even if it’s really only a $2 vintage.
  • Small children stress out about starting kindergarten up to six months before school starts, suggesting youngsters may take cues from their anxious parents.
  • Shoppers prefer stores’ scents to match their sounds. Participants in a research study who were exposed to a Christmas scent in combination with Christmas music gave the store higher ratings than those who experienced a Christmas scent with non-Christmas music.
  • A giant underwater current sweeping past Australia’s island of Tasmania toward the South Atlantic is a main contributor to the regulation of carbon dioxide gasses in the atmosphere.
  • Ultra-hardy bacteria species collectively known as “extremophiles” have been discovered in NASA “clean rooms” used by scientists and engineers who are assembling spacecraft.
  • Fruit flies love the carbon dioxide fizz from beer. The insects have special taste receptors that are sensitive to the gas.
  • Overweight women who face employment weight bias could be victims of sex discrimination. Women are 16 times more likely than men to report weight discrimination in the workplace.

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