Top 21 Inventions By Blondes

  1. The water-proof towel
  2. Glow in the dark sunglasses
  3. Solar powered flashlights
  4. Submarine screen doors
  5. A book on how to read
  6. Inflatable dart boards
  7. A dictionary index
  8. Mechanical Pencil sharpeners
  9. Powdered water
  10. Pedal-powered wheel chairs
  11. Waterproof tea bags
  12. Watermelon seed sorter
  13. Zero proof alcohol
  14. Reuseable ice cubes
  15. See-through toilet tissue
  16. Skinless bannanas
  17. Do-it-yourself road map
  18. Turnip ice cream
  19. Toe implants
  20. An all white flag
  21. Rolls Royce pickup truck

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