Toilet paper trivia quiz

12 question trivia quiz on toilet paper

We often take toilet paper for granted. The great coronavirus pandemic changed that thinking.

How much do you know about this lowly, but essential everyday item? To find out, try to answer all these questions correctly without cheating.

  1. In what country did toilet paper originate?
  2. How much of the world’s population doesn’t use toilet paper at present?
  3. Commercially packaged toilet paper made its appearance in what year?
  4. Why was using toilet paper a risky proposition before the 1930’s?
  5. What did Charmin claim its tissues were perfect for?
  6. How common is stealing toilet paper among Americans?
  7. What’s the average number of sheets used per trip to the bathroom?
  8. What do many European countries see as a better alternative to toilet paper?
  9. Why does toilet break apart quickly?
  10. What was an unusual use of toilet paper during Operation Desert Storm?
  11. How did Johnny Carson cause a toilet paper shortage in 1973?
  12. What type of gown was made out of toilet paper?

Answers to quiz

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