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1. In what country did toilet paper originate?
China invented paper as we know in the second century BC. They’re also first to mention its use later on as toilet paper in the sixth century.

2. How much of the world’s population doesn’t use toilet paper at present?
70-75% of the world still doesn’t use toilet paper because it is too expensive or insufficient plumbing. Incredibly 1 in 7 people, or 946 million, practice open defecation according to Unicef.

3. Commercially packaged toilet paper made its appearance in what year?
Joseph Gayetty, the man who first introduced packaged toilet paper, labeled it as medicated paper used to prevent hemorrhoids. He printed his name on every sheet, which was Whetted with aloe. Later Zeth Wheeler got a patent in 1871 for rolled and perforated sheets, which was first manufactured by the Scott Paper Company. Their popularity spread as hotels and offices started using them.

4. Why was using toilet paper a risky proposition before the 1930’s?
It wasn’t until the mid-1930’s Northern Tissue could manufacture a toilet paper free of dangerous splinters.

5. What did Charmin claim its tissues were perfect for?
Still uncomfortable with the term “toilet paper,” Charmin said their bathroom tissue was “perfect as a cold cream remover.” Geared towards a feminine audience, its softness made their product a bestseller.

6. How common is stealing toilet paper among Americans?
Seven percent of Americans admit to stealing rolls of toilet paper in hotels.

7.What’s the average number of sheets used per trip to the bathroom?
Americans use an average of 8.6 sheets of toilet paper per trip to the bathroom. The average roll has 333 sheets. That’s good for 39 visits.

8. What do many European countries see as a better alternative to toilet paper?
In many Western European countries, bidets are seen as more effective and preferable to toilet paper.

9. Why does toilet break apart quickly?
The reason toilet paper disintegrates so quickly when wet is that the fibers used to make it are very short.

10. What was an unusual use of toilet paper during Operation Desert Storm?
During Desert Storm, the U.S. Army used toilet paper to camouflage their tanks.

11. How did Johnny Carson cause a toilet paper shortage in 1973?
He jokingly said there was a shortage. There wasn’t, but many people believed him and panic bought toilet paper. It took three weeks for some stores to get more stock.

12. What type of gown was made out of toilet paper?
Incredible wedding gowns were created out of toilet paper before the current shortage.

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