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  • American soldier cannot find seat on a train

    American soldier finally gets a seat on a packed train using this strange method. A World War Two American soldier had been on the front lines in Europe for three months. He was finally given a week of rest and relaxation. He caught a supply boat to a base in the south of England and […]

  • How Military Branches Secure A Building

    If you tell the Air Force to secure a building, they will take out a three year lease with an option to buy. If you tell the Navy to secure a building, they will turn out the lights and lock the door. If you tell the Army to secure a building, they will occupy it […]

  • Pilot Flight Preparation

  • Texas Soldier

    A large group of Taliban soldiers are moving down a road when they hear a voice call from behind a sand dune. “One Texas soldier is better than ten Taliban soldiers.” The commander quickly sends ten of his best soldiers over the dune, and a gun-battle breaks out that continues for a few minutes. Then […]

  • Funny Military Quotes

    Military Quotes Wit and Wisdom Timeless quotes about the military that have almost become cliches. Read them and chuckle. “If you see a bomb technician running, follow him.” – USAF Ammo Troop “Friendly fire – isn’t” “Tracers work both ways.” – U.S. Army Ordnance “Never trade luck for skill.” “If something hasn’t broken on your […]

  • Smartest military branch is…

    The Air Force has the most intelligent enlisted personal of all the military branches! This is not just theory, but a provable fact with this comparison of what happens when the crap hits the fan. The Army military branch When the crap hits the fan, the young Army private wakes up to the bellowing of […]