Shopping By Man Versus Woman

supermarket shopping with cart man vs woman

If you think a woman and a man shop the same, think again.

Here’s what each gender does while visiting a grocery store.


  1. Woman ShopperPark the car.
  2. Get a cart.
  3. Take grocery list and coupons out of purse.
  4. Fill the cart with items from list in record time, being careful to check prices.
  5. Place the items neatly with all the fridge stuff together, groceries in separately, etc.
  6. Make plans on cell phone while waiting on line.
  7. Pay.
  8. Go back home.
  9. Empty the bags, put all groceries in the appropriate cabinets, refrigerator compartments, etc., and clean up any mess.


  1. Male ShopperPark the car.
  2. Walk into the store.
  3. Leave the store and get a cart.
  4. Walk into the store.
  5. Stroll through all the corridors of the supermarket.
  6. Stop by the magazines and read the latest “Sports Illustrated.”
  7. Buy two frozen pizzas, a case of beer, sausages, pistachios and chips.
  8. Don’t worry about milk, bread, eggs and other “superfluous” items.
  9. Put the snacks in the bag with the frozen items.
  10. Find the slowest line, flirt and pay.
  11. Drive back home.
  12. Leave the bags on the table.
  13. Put the beers in the fridge.
  14. Sit on the couch and watch television until the beers are cold.

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