Shocking Vegetarian Meal

cute cartoon of pig

The Vegetarian Society of Kansas never ate pork in his life, but always wanted to see how it tasted.

The urge was so great he invented a story about going out-of-town on an urgent business matter.

Once he left town he found a famous pork house noted for its gourmet pork dishes, feeling assured he will never be spotted.

Discretely he picked a far corner to order his once-in-a-lifetime treat.

Looking over the menu, he ordered the house special of a roasted pig with all the trimmings.

So he was finally going to find out what all this fuss was about the delicacy of pork meals.

While waiting for his meal to be served, he heard someone familiar call out his name, and got caught totally by surprise when one of his society buddies came over to greet him.

As they were talking the waiter delivered a huge platter of a roasted pig complete with an apple in it’s mouth.

“That’s really an outrageous shock,” said the guilty chairman.

“I simply ordered an apple meal, and look what they brought with it.”

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