Physician Humor

doctor sitting in office

Patient: “Doc, give me something that will stimulate me, excite me, put me in the fighting spirit.”

Doctor: “Don’t worry. You will find it all in your bill.”

A doctor examined his patient and give him six months to live.

The poor man could not pay his bill, so the doctor gave him another six months.

A couple visited a clinic and asked, “Doc, we want to have sex in front
of you. Can you please check whether we do it correctly?”.

The doctor agreed and charged a fee of $20. The following week the same thing happened. When they came a third time, the doctor asked for an explanation.

The man said, “If we have sex in her house, her husband will get angry. In my house, my wife will kill me. A hotel room costs $80. But you charge only $20 and I can claim $10 from health insurance.”

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