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Comical Explanations of Personal Ads by Men

40-ish52 and looking for 25-yr-old
AthleticWatches a lot of NASCAR
Average lookingUnusual hair growth on ears, nose, & back
EducatedWill patronize the shit out of you
Free SpiritBanging your sister
Friendship firstAs long as friendship involves nookie
FunGood with a remote and a six pack
Good lookingArrogant
Very good lookingDumb as a board
HonestPathological Liar
HuggableOverweight, more body hair than a bear
Likes to cuddleInsecure mama’s boy
MatureOlder than your father
Open-mindedWants to sleep with your roommate but she’s not interested
Physically fitDoes a lot of 12-ounce curls
PoetWrote ex-girlfriend’s # on a bathroom stall
SensitiveCries at chick flicks
Very sensitiveGay
SpiritualGot laid in a cemetery once
StableArrested for stalking, but not convicted
ThoughtfulSays “Excuse me” when he farts

More Personal Ads By Men

A regular treasure trove of self-indulgence and unintentional comedy. If you’re in the mood for a good laugh (and maybe a cringe or two), look no further. We’ll find inflated egos and questionable judgment take center stage!

“Tall, Dark, and Boring!”
Seeking someone to appreciate my incredibly ordinary looks and my ability to talk about the weather for hours. You’ll never meet someone as average as me, but hey, mediocrity has its charm, right?

“Adventurous Couch Potato!”
I’m the king of mixed signals! Looking for someone to explore the world from the comfort of my living room. Let’s watch travel documentaries together and pretend we’re jet-setting across the globe!

“Gym Enthusiast, on Weekends!”
I spend more time talking about my gym membership than actually using it. But don’t worry, my biceps may be nonexistent, but my ego is rock solid!

“My Car is My Soul Mate!”
I’m not looking for love: I’m looking for someone to admire my car as much as I do. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll let you sit in the passenger seat during our first date!

“Drama-Free Zone (I Hope)!”
I’m not one to start drama, but I’m definitely an expert at attracting it. If you can tolerate my antics, you might just be my next victim… um, I mean, partner!

“Pet Lover (More Than People)!”
My ideal date is one where I can bring my pet hamster, Mr. Whiskers. Don’t worry; I’m sure you’ll both get along.

“Living With My Mom – Temporarily!”
Yes, I live with my mom, but it’s only until I finish my comic book collection. I promise, she’s super cool and won’t interrupt our gaming sessions!

“Workaholic Seeking Enabler!”
I prioritize my job over everything else, including personal hygiene and social skills. But hey, if you’re looking for someone who’ll never have time for you, I’m your guy!

“Unemployed Philosopher!”
I spend my days pondering the meaning of life instead of, you know, looking for a job. If you’re up for long discussions about existence and nothingness, I’m your intellectual match!

“Grammar Police, Apply Within!”
Looking for a partner who can flawlessly use “their,” “they’re,” and “there.” If you make a typo, consider our romance a no-go!

To Finish Up
Personal ads by men never fail to entertain with their audacious claims and eccentricities. From gym enthusiasts who don’t actually go to the gym to workaholics seeking enablers, the world of personal ads is full of colorful characters. So next time you’re feeling down, just take a quick peek at these ads, and you’ll be laughing your heart out in no time!

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