Funny Kitchen List

kitchen to-do list

A humorous kitchen list written to discourage any attempt to do kitchen duty.

  1. Kitchen closed for today.
    Reservations only
  2. I’m waiting for a:
    Food Network inspiration
  3. I’m creative.
    You can’t expect me to be neat too.
  4. This isn’t Home Sweet Home.
    Live with it
  5. Ring Bell for Maid Service.
    If no answer, do it yourself.
  6. I clean house every other day.
    Today is the other day.
  7. If you write in the dust,
    Please don’t date it.
  8. I would make dinner for you,
    but the microwave is broken.
  9. My house was clean last week.
    Too bad you missed it.
  10. A clean kitchen is the sign of:
    A wasted life.

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