25-question Easter trivia quiz

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Enjoy these Easter trivia questions and answers to share with friends and family. Sharing knowledge is caring among your loved ones, while you also educate the young ones. Have a contest to see who can answer the most questions correctly. Maybe there are even more questions to add to the list.

Have a happy and blessed time with these Easter trivia questions as you welcome the blossoming of spring.


1 – What does Easter represent?

2 -Easter always occurs between what dates?

3 – What determines the exact day Easter Sunday falls on?

4 – Who is Easter allegedly named after?

5 – Today’s Easter rabbit originally was what animal?


1 – What did the first colored Easter egg signify?

2 – Where was the largest Easter egg made?

3 – Decorating Easter eggs started when?

4 – How much did the world’s most expensive egg sell for and who made it?

5 – What other countries what animals bring Easter eggs?


1 – The custom of giving candy and chocolate for Easter first appeared during what historic age?

2 – Easter trails what holiday in candy sales?

3 – What are the 5 best-selling candies for Easter in America?

4 – Approximately how many chocolate Easter rabbits are made each year?

5 – How much does average household spend on Easter?


1 – What flower is associated with Easter?

2 – What colors are associated with Easter?

3 – By centuries-old custom what meat is usually served on Easter?

4 – What are two traditional Easter games?

5 – What superstition lead to the Easter Parade?


1 – Easter Island belongs to which South American country?

2 – Where is the most famous Easter parade located?

3 – Which animal is used in Australia instead of a rabbit?

4 – In Bermuda some residents celebrate the Good Friday prior to Easter by doing what?

5 – Why does Eastern Orthodox Church celebrate Easter on a different day?

Easter trivia quiz answers

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