Distracted Minister

distracted minister

The minister of a small congregation was about to start his sermon when he noticed a young woman in the front row, wearing a tight dress barely concealing her breasts.

He couldn’t concentrate on his message to the flock, so he dismissed the service and asked to speak to the woman after everyone else left the church.

Minister talks to woman

When they were alone, the reverend said in his sternest lecturing voice. “Just what do you mean, coming to church dressed like that?”

“Why reverend,” the young thing replied, “My boyfriends tell me that they can hear the angels sing when they put their heads on my breasts.”

Minister seeks the truth

“Hmm. Well let me check,” said the man of the cloth, placing his head between her shapely mounds of flesh.

After several minutes, he raised his head and said. “I don’t hear any angels singing!”

Surprise answer

“Of course not reverend.” she said. Your not plugged in yet.”

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