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50 Fun Facts About Oreo Cookies

Oreos have long been a favorite for many people. They’ve become an established part of global snack culture since their inception in 1912.

Beyond their distinct taste and iconic design, Oreos hides a treasure trove of fun and intriguing facts. See how much you know about their dynamic history, diverse adaptations, and worldwide love for this classic cookie.

Creation Date: Oreos were created in 1912.

Original Name: They were originally called “Oreo Biscuits.”

Best-Selling Status: Oreos are the best-selling cookies in the world.

First Sale Location: The first Oreos were sold in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Milk Partnership: Oreos are famously known as “Milk’s Favorite Cookie.”

Design Inspiration: The design is rumored to be inspired by the Knights Templar cross.

Design Changes: The Oreo design has changed several times, and the current design has been in use since 1952.

Daily Production: Approximately 20.5 million Oreos are made daily.

Cream Side First: Studies show that men are more likely to eat the cream side first.

Oreo Structure: The original cookie-to-cream ratio is 71:29.

International Presence: Oreos are available in over 100 countries.

International Flavors: Each country has its unique flavors, like Green Tea Oreos in Japan and Blueberry Ice Cream Oreos in Indonesia.

Different Formats: Oreos come in various formats including, Mini, Double Stuf, and Oreo Thins.

Vegan Status: Original Oreo cookies are vegan in some countries.

Oreo Varieties: There are over 198 Oreo flavors.

Limited Edition Flavors: Oreo frequently releases limited edition flavors around different holidays and events.

The popularity of Flavors: Double Stuf Oreos are reportedly more popular than the original flavor.

Most Stuf Oreos: In 2019, Oreos introduced “Most Stuf Oreos,” which have the most cream ever in an Oreo.

Movie Partnership: In 2012, Oreos partnered with Paramount Pictures for the promotion of the Transformers film series.

Music Collaboration: Oreo collaborated with Lady Gaga in 2021 to create a line of cookies inspired by her album “Chromatica.”

Customization Options: You can customize Oreos with pictures and text on the Oreo website.

Cream Debate: The debate over whether the cookie or the cream is the best part of an Oreo is still ongoing.

Giant Oreo: There’s a variety called “Football Oreo,” which is roughly the size of a football.

Mystery Flavors: Oreo has released “Mystery Flavors,” where consumers can guess the flavor for prizes.

First Flavor Variation: The first flavor variation of Oreo was Lemon Crème, introduced in the 1920s.

Lunar Landing Celebration: In 2019, Oreos released a marshmallow moon flavor to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing.

Environmental Concern: In 2011, Greenpeace launched a campaign against Oreo manufacturers to stop sourcing palm oil from suppliers allegedly harming Indonesia’s rainforests.

Triple-Double Oreo: There’s a variety called “Triple-Double Oreo,” which has three wafers and two layers of creme.

Unique Shapes: Oreo has released cookies in unique shapes like footballs and eggs.

Oreo Candy Canes: Oreo-flavored candy canes exist for those who prefer their Oreos in candy form.

Crème Filling Patent: Nabisco (formerly National Biscuit Company) didn’t secure a patent for the Oreo crème filling until 1952.

American Favorite: About half of all Oreo consumers are from the United States.

Recipe Change: Oreo changed its original recipe in the 1990s to remove lard, making them kosher and vegan.

Sold in Pounds: Oreos were initially sold by the pound in clear glass topped novelty cans.

Original Price: The original price for a pound of Oreos was 30 cents.

Strawberry Milkshake Oreos: This flavor is permanently available in China.

Aquatic Connection: The design on the Oreo features a circle topped with a two-bar cross, resembling a fish.

Cookie Spin-offs: Oreo O’s cereal and Oreo ice cream exist as spin-offs of the original cookie.

Dunking Time: The optimal dunking time for an Oreo in milk is approximately 3 seconds.

Sesame Street Connection: Cookie Monster’s original name was Sid, and his favorite cookie wasn’t specifically Oreo, but he sure loves them.

Cookies or Cream Commercial: Oreo’s “Whisper Fight” commercial aired during the Super Bowl in 2013 sparked the debate of “Cookies or Cream” amongst fans.

Oreo Book: There is a book titled “The Oreo With a Twist,” exploring the cultural impact of Oreos.

Caloric Content: One regular Oreo cookie has approximately 53 calories.

World Record: The highest stack of Oreos is 48, and it was achieved by a student in New York in 2020.

Instagram Presence: Oreo has a substantial presence on Instagram, with millions following their official account for the latest flavors and promotions.

Celeb Partnerships: Over the years, Oreo has partnered with various celebrities for marketing campaigns, including Serena Williams and Christina Aguilera.

Android Naming: Google named its Android 8.0 update after Oreo, calling it “Android Oreo”.

Oreo Cookie Crumbs: The leftover crumbs from Oreo manufacturing are sold to other companies, who use them in their own products, such as ice creams and cakes.

Speedy Consumption: The record for eating a single Oreo cookie is held by Patrick Bertoletti, who consumed one in 17.12 seconds in 2013.

Oreo’s Parent Company: Oreo is owned by Mondelez International, a multinational company specializing in confectionery, food, and beverages.



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