10 reasons not to Work From Home

Working From Home is great, until it isn’t. For all the pros, the WFH lifestyle also has some major cons. Here are 10 examples of work habits that don’t translate well at to working from home.

10 reasons not to work from home

1. Can’t use got stuck in traffic, train was late, car wouldn’t start, etc as excuse for being late.

2. Now using the office computers for online gaming becomes a full-time job.

3. Stealing office supplies isn’t as satisfying when they belong to you.

4. 15 minute power naps become hour and 15 minute siestas caught on camera.

5. Multiple personality disorders can become an issue.

5. Checking out and trying to hit on your sexy new coworker isn’t that easy when they’re quarantined in their own place.

6. Tough to blame your internet connection while everyone else put a deal together without giving you a piece of the action.

7. Getting used to wearing loose clothing because old outfits don’t fit anymore can be problem when going out.

8. Your office at work is bigger than the apartment you’re living in.

10. Some daily rituals aren’t easily broken.

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