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10 Question Tesla Personality Test

Pick the Best Tesla Model For You


Question 1: When it comes to technology, which statement best describes you?
a) I always want the latest gadgets and updates.
b) I appreciate technology but prefer a balance with the analog world.
c) I’m not really interested in technology and prefer simplicity.

Question 2: How do you feel about embracing change and innovation?
a) I’m always excited to try new things and push boundaries.
b) I’m open to change but prefer proven methods.
c) I’m resistant to change and prefer sticking to what I know.

Question 3: What’s your ideal driving experience?
a) Zooming through the city with instant acceleration and cutting-edge features.
b) Enjoying a smooth, comfortable ride with classic driving dynamics.
c) Taking it slow and steady, focusing on efficiency and practicality.

Question 4: Which of the following environmental issues concerns you the most?
a) Climate change and reducing carbon emissions.
b) Pollution and preserving natural habitats.
c) I’m not particularly focused on environmental issues.

Question 5: How would you describe your approach to design and aesthetics?
a) I’m drawn to sleek and futuristic designs.
b) I appreciate timeless and elegant design principles.
c) I’m not too concerned about design, as long as it’s functional.

Question 6: When planning a road trip, what’s your priority?
a) Finding the fastest route with the most advanced navigation tools.
b) Enjoying scenic routes and exploring new places.
c) Just getting from point A to point B efficiently.

Question 7: How do you feel about autonomy and control in driving?
a) I’m excited about self-driving technology and the idea of a “hands-off” experience.
b) I prefer having full control over my driving experience.
c) I’m cautious about self-driving technology and prefer to be in control.

Question 8: What kind of entertainment do you enjoy during your commute or travel?
a) Streaming the latest movies and music with cutting-edge infotainment systems.
b) Listening to classic tunes on the radio or your favorite playlists.
c) I prefer a quiet and peaceful drive without distractions.

Question 9: How do you feel about contributing to a sustainable future?
a) It’s important to me, and I actively seek out eco-friendly choices.
b) I try to make sustainable choices when I can but don’t go out of my way.
c) I don’t prioritize sustainability in my decisions.

Question 10: What’s your attitude toward risk-taking and trying new things?
a) I’m adventurous and love taking risks to explore new possibilities.
b) I’m open to calculated risks, but I value stability too.
c) I prefer to stick with what’s familiar and avoid unnecessary risks.

Results: Add up your answers based on the following key:

  • A: Tesla Model S – Bold Innovator
  • B: Tesla Model 3 – Timeless Enthusiast
  • C: Tesla Model Y – Practical Explorer

Choose the letter that has the most of your answers and see which Tesla model aligns with your personality.

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