What People Do After Leaving Drive-Through Window at McDonalds

what people do after leaving drive-through window at McDonalds

Funny drive-through story from Reader’s Digest.

“Had a guy come through Tim Hortons in the morning. Go to give him his coffee and he asks me to wait a second. Grabs the beer from his cup holder and chugs the rest of it. Throws it out the open passenger window, takes coffee from my hand, says thank you and drives away.”

McDonald’s Drive-Thru worker’s service is the best…

In a video that has been seen more than 13 million times after it was shared on LadBible’s Facebook page earlier today, Adam’s hilarious order is documented in all its glory.

He pulls up to make his order – a BBQ Smokehouse meal if you’re asking – and he’s asked to clarify whether he wants chicken or beef.


Vegetarian Big Mac

“There was a vegetarian who’d come to McDonald’s when I worked there and order a Big Mac with no meat, but extra tomatoes. I tried it once and it was pretty tasty.”

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