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40-ish 49
Adventurer Slept with all your friends
Athletic No tits
Average Looking Has a face like a basset hound
Beautiful Pathological liar
Contagious Smile Does a lot of Ecstasy
Educated Banged her Political Science professor
Emotionally Secure Medicated
Feminist Fat ballbuster
Free spirit Junkie
Friendship first Trying to live down reputation as a slut
Fun Annoying
Gentle Comatose
Good Listener Borderline Autistic
New-Age All body hair, all the time
Old-fashioned Lights out, missionary position only, no BJs
Open-minded Desperate
Outgoing Loud and Embarrassing
Passionate Sloppy drunk
Poet Depressive Schizophrenic
Professional Certified Bitch
Redhead Bad dye-job
Reubenesque Grossly Fat
Romantic Looks better by candle light
Social Has been passed around like an hors doeuvres tray
Voluptuous Very Fat
Weight prop w/ height Hugely Fat
Wants Soulmate Stalker
Widow Drove first husband to shoot himself
Young at heart Old bat