38 Banned Children’s Book Titles

  1. checklist of banned children's booksThe Complete Set Of “Mother Got Goosed” Nursery Rhymes
  2. Things Rich Kids Have, But You Never Will.
  3. The Hardy Boys, the Barbie Twins, and the Vice Squad.
  4. Dad’s New Wife Bruce
  5. Curious George and the High-Voltage Fence.
  6. Peter Rabbit’s Frisky Adventures.
  7. Babar Meets the Taxidermist.
  8. Pop! Goes The Hamster….And Other Great Microwave Games
  9. Testing Homemade Parachutes With Nothing At All But Your Household Pets
  10. Egghead – And Other Things Mrs. Dumpty Gave Humpty
  11. The Tickling Babysitter.
  12. Start a Real-Estate Empire With The Change From Your Mom’s Purse.
  13. Let’s Draw Betty and Veronica Without Their Clothes On.
  14. The Pop-up Book of Human Anatomy.
  15. The Care Bears Maul Some Campers and Are Shot Dead
  16. The Boy Who Died from Eating All His Vegetables
  17. You Are Different and That’s Bad
  18. Fun Four-letter Words to Know and Share
  19. Hammers, Screwdrivers and Scissors: An I-Can-Do-It Book
  20. The Kids’ Guide to Hitchhiking
  21. All Cats Go To Hell
  22. The Little Sissy Who Snitched
  23. Some Kittens Can Fly
  24. That’s It, I’m Putting You Up for Adoption
  25. Grandpa Gets a Casket
  26. The Magic World Inside the Abandoned Refrigerator
  27. Strangers Have the Best Candy
  28. Whining, Kicking and Crying to Get Your Way
  29. You Were an Accident
  30. The Man in the Moon is Actually Satan
  31. Your Nightmares are Real
  32. Where Would You Like to be Buried?
  33. Why Can’t Mr. Fork and Mrs. Electrical Outlet be Friends?
  34. Places Mommy and Daddy Hide Neat Things
  35. Daddy Drinks Because You Cry
  36. Mary Was So Bad Her Mom Stopped Loving Her
  37. What is that Dog Doing to that other Dog?
  38. Eggs, Toilet Paper, and Your School

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