26 Question Chocolate Trivia Quiz

chocolate trivia quiz with Hersheys bar
Hersheys’ chocolate trivia quiz
Can you answer these questions about chocolate?
  1. Chocolate can kill what animal?
  2. Astronauts brought what treat to eat in 1982?
  3. Americans eat how much chocolate every second?
  4. Chocolate accounts for how much of the fat in an American diet?
  5. When was consuming chocolate a sin by the church?
  6. Does chocolate cause acne?
  7. When was Kit Kat made without milk?
  8. In what country is it common to pour chocolate milk or cafe au lait on cereal for breakfast?
  9. The initials “M&M’s” represent what?
  10. What year was the chocolate chip cookie invented?
  11. What country eats the most chocolate per person?
  12. Can eating chocolate help a person live longer?
  13. What chocolate package shape is protected by the law?
  14. Who was buried in a chocolate coffin?
  15. What bird should not chocolate, because it is deadly to them?
  16. What common appliance was invented because of what it did to chocolate?
  17. Medically what group of people are helped by eating chocolate?
  18. How important is chocolate to the almond industry?
  19. Who made the first chocolate bar available to the public?
  20. It was believed chocolate could cure what common aliment?
  21. Are having guilty feelings about chocolate bad for your body?
  22. The last thing Elvis Presley ate before he died was…?
  23. Who introduced Valentine’s Day box of chocolates?
  24. Which is the rarest chocolate bar in the world?
  25. What were the other flavors of the original “Three Musketeers” bar?
  26. In the movie “Psycho,” Alfred Hitchcock used chocolate syrup for what?

Answers to the chocolate trivia quiz

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