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20 Truism Examples From Lithuanian Culture

Lithuanian culture is rich with truisms reflecting its history, societal norms, values, and the nation’s connection to nature. Here are 20 truism examples from Lithuania, each providing a glimpse into their way of life.

  1. “Where there are two rains, there will be three.”
    This saying highlights the unpredictability of life and the notion that when things start happening, they tend to continue.
  2. “Even the sun has spots.”
    No one is perfect; everyone has their flaws.
  3. “What you don’t do in youth, you won’t gather in old age.”
    Seize opportunities when you’re young.
  4. “There’s no smoke without fire.”
    If there are rumors or indications of something, there is likely some truth behind it.
  5. “The smaller the cart, the louder it squeaks.”
    Sometimes, those who are the least significant make the most noise.
  6. “What hurts, heals.”
    Time and experience are often the best medicine for pain and suffering.
  7. “God, let it be like long ago, but like earlier.”
    A nostalgic wish for the good old days but without the hardships of the past.
  8. Where the pig runs, there’s the mess.”
    Some people can’t help but cause chaos wherever they go.
  9. “The higher it flies, the lower it falls.”
    Pride and arrogance often precede a downfall.
  10. “He who has bread has friends.”
    People are attracted to those with resources or benefits to offer.
  11. “The wolf doesn’t eat twice in the same place.”
    This suggests caution and the need for adaptability.
  12. “Don’t throw away old shoes until you buy new ones.”
    Always ensure you have a backup or replacement before discarding something valuable.
  13. “The pig doesn’t feed itself, but it doesn’t eat others.”
    It’s a way to describe someone who may not help themselves but also doesn’t harm others.
  14. “There’s more than one way into the forest.”
    There are many ways to solve a problem.
  15. “The wind won’t stop one who wants to run.”
    If you’re determined, nothing will stand in your way.
  16. “You won’t slip on another’s path.”
    It’s hard to understand someone else’s life or challenges fully.
  17. “The less you know, the better you sleep.”
    Ignorance can sometimes be bliss.
  18. “A good person lives well everywhere.”
    Character matters more than circumstances.
  19. “What the grandfather broke, the grandson mends.”
    The actions of one generation can affect future generations.
  20. “Not one anvil clinks.”
    There are always other sides to a story.

In its glory days, Lithuania experienced its pinnacle of power and cultural flourishing during the 14th and 15th centuries under the rule of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, with the reign of Grand Duke Gediminas and later, the leadership of his son, Vytautas the Great.

At its zenith, the Grand Duchy was the largest state in Europe, encompassing present-day Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, and parts of Poland and Russia, becoming a formidable force against the Teutonic Knights and the Golden Horde.

The country formed a dynastic union with Poland in 1386, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which spurred an interesting melding of cultures, languages, and traditions, which witnessed advancements in law, art, and science.

Despite its flourishing statecraft and cultural richness, internal disputes and external pressures eventually led to the Commonwealth’s decline and divisions into contentious states in the late 18th century, marking the end of Lithuania’s dominance until its eventual resurgence as an independent nation in the 20th century.


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