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17 Signs Of A Bad Date

Dating can be a thrilling adventure, but sometimes, you find yourself on a date that doesn’t quite hit the mark. While not every date will be a match made in heaven, there are clear signals that suggest you might be sailing towards the wrong port. Keep an eye out for these 17 signs that things might not be going as well as you expected:

  1. Lack of Interest: Her eyes dart around the room more than they meet yours, and you can feel the disinterest in the air.
  2. Endless Phone Scrolling: If her phone seems more interesting than the conversation, you might be stuck in a “meh” date.
  3. One-Word Answers: Her responses could fit on a post-it note, leaving you to carry the weight of the conversation.
  4. Frequent Bathroom Trips: If she’s using the bathroom as an escape, it’s like watching her date herself.
  5. Excessive Sighing: A symphony of exasperated sighs can be a clear indicator that she’s not feeling it.
  6. Talking About Her Ex: Reliving past relationships? This date might just be an unpaid therapy session for her.
  7. Unimpressed by Food: The food could be a gourmet masterpiece, but her lackluster reaction says it all.
  8. No Laughter Zone: Your jokes are met with awkward silence, leaving you feeling like a stand-up comedian bombing on stage.
  9. Unanswered Texts: Her phone vibrates, but she doesn’t even glance at it. Could it be someone more interesting? Ouch.
  10. Eyeing the Exit: If her gaze keeps drifting towards the door, you’re probably not holding her attention.
  11. Disastrous Compliments: Her idea of a compliment is a backhanded remark about your choice of attire.
  12. Avoiding Personal Questions: When you ask about her hobbies or dreams, she masterfully changes the topic.
  13. Incessant Yawning: Yawns are contagious, but not when they’re accompanied by a polite apology.
  14. Bringing Up Future Plans: She talks about the future…without mentioning you in it.
  15. Checking the Time: Glancing at the watch or clock frequently is a telltale sign she’s counting down the minutes.
  16. Vague Escape Plans: Mentioning her early morning appointment that she didn’t mention before? Probably a hint.
  17. Hail the Rescue Call: The old “emergency call” trick makes a guest appearance, giving her an excuse to bail.

Not every date can be a love connection. Sometimes bad dates make for the best stories. You’ll know what red flags to watch out for next time. Just consider this time as a detour. The road to finding someone who truly lights up your world has its twists and turns.

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