A student is sitting indoors surrounded by other people, their face illuminated by the light.

Learn While Young or You’ll Be Ignorant In Your Old Age

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” seems like a trite yet universal truth. While it was annoying back then, it took time before its relevance became clear with experience. Sit back and read how appropriate the Learn while young, or you’ll be ignorant in your old age truism appears in the mature stage of life.

  1. Kevin skipped guitar lessons as a teen, then discovered his dream girl was passionate about guitar music.
  2. Lana ignored her mom’s sage advice on men. Years later unscrupulous men gave her a costly education that cleaned her out.
  3. Mike didn’t see the point in cooking classes. Then the price of dining skyrocketed. Now his family and friends question his food choices.
  4. Nina never bothered learning about tech. Now updating iPhones and dealing with tech result in meltdowns.
  5. Oscar skipped the dances as a youngster. At his daughter’s wedding, his two left feet were the talk of the evening.
  6. Penny laughed at gardening basics. Now the only affordable housing comes with high-maintenance gardens.
  7. Quinn never learned to ride a bike. His kids recently had a field day watching him give lessons.
  8. Rachel found languages tedious. On her preferred trips, she was the only one who got lost on the most interesting tours.
  9. Steve bypassed financial workshops. Then got a tidy inheritance that was promptly fleeced by his financial advisors.
  10. Tracy didn’t value the basics of time management. Her attempts at arranging important meetings don’t go as planned.

Learning’s not always about hitting the books. Sometimes, it’s about mastering the small but essential skills that make life smooth.

“A young man who does not plant his seed will find no shade in his old age.” – African proverb